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William Tank Top

William Tank Top



STAY FREE STAY WILD on the front with William an amazing rooster


William stands for everything all animals should have, should know and live with always. A safe home where they are free to live who they are, to express their feelings and to know and feel true love.

Life to be be free and not anyones "ownership". I think we all can relate to that.

Regardless of how some things may have been in the past or still may be in some industries, traditions etc. Bringing awareness to what love is for all of us, all living beings and what I have been fortunate to witness, experience and know is of the utmost importance to me as a human as an artist and mostly as an animal lover.

Because things have been a certain way for a long time does not give it any merit or value. It gives history. Some traditions are meant to be broken and if they are hurting anyone why do they continue? We grown and expand by making different choices based on authenticity what is really going on behind the scenes. Truth is truth. 

With respect to the entire animal kingdom  "farm animals" all of Mother Natures Children. With respect to the Ocean and the home it is to so many living beings. We all share planet Earth for a very short time and we can all make conscious choices, we all have freedom of choice.

For the animals, for the planet and for our health we choose a Vegan lifestyle.

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