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My friends it is time to fly!

Jeanine Boubli

Posted on November 24 2018

The Red Tail Hawk has appeared at profound moments for me these past 2 years. As if calling to me; hear me ...see me... I AM Here and so are YOU! The timing so spot on, inspiring and comforting that Red Tale Moon used the Red Tail Hawk...Red Tale in honor of those moments of wonder when you know it is you and the universe in sacred bliss. Thats my business partner. The universe! I Love the Universe!

This past week I have seen 2 to my delight! One a baby on my way home from a nice walk and the other one flew overhead as I went outside the sheep barn to check on something. 

Did you ever feel like someone/something knows all you are doing to pursue something that means the world to you and supports you unconditionally? Ah yes it feels wonderful!

I have lived many chapters and being creative was always my favorite way to express myself. 

Every experience; the light and the dark, the challenging and the choices, the inner light that prevailed as well as this heart opening and expanding with holes of great loss and expanded love... all... have brought me to this moment.

I have always believed in my creativity and connection with Spirit. Red Tale Moon is ready to soar.

Thank you for being part of this symbolic time for me. I look forward to hearing from you. I would love to see your photos wearing your Red Tale Moon apparel and post on social media. 

To everyone I have been fortunate to meet throughout this journey. It has been wonderful to connect on a meaningful level. You are appreciated. To the entire animal kingdom and Mother Nature I love you and you are the biggest part of my heart. 


With gratitude,







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