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Annabelle Women's Long Sleeve Black

Annabelle Women's Long Sleeve Black



Hello, I am Annabelle a beautiful girl and cow. My best friend Big is a goat.  Love and sharing all types of moments together makes a friendship strong.  I have been fortunate to live with goats, geese, hens and have sheep as my neighbors. Diversity in friendship is a gift in itself. This composite of moi and more is an art piece I hope you treasure for a long time. Please follow the garment care instructions for both washing and drying.  As we Moo-ve through life together I look forward to connecting in the Red Tale Moon Community. 

There is printing on both sides of this cozy long sleeve t-shirt. My artwork on the front and "We are all works of art" on the back with our logo. Yes indeed you are, I am, we all are works of art and so many things contribute to our canvas, story and life journey. 


100% organic cotton

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